Virtual Ergonomic Assessment Program

As the coronavirus has caused many of our agencies to modify their work schedules, including allowing employees to work from home, the need to work safely and prevent injuries continues.  As part of CIRA’s efforts to support our members in this challenging time, we have developed a Virtual Ergonomic Assessment program.  The goal is to help ensure that our employee’s workstations, whether at work or at home, are properly set-up to help reduce potential injuries, as well as any pain or discomfort while working at their desks.


How the Virtual Ergonomic Assessment Work? 

Employees will request a virtual ergonomic assessment by going to  Once on the website, they will see calendar with available 30 minute appointments and the ability to book their appointment.  Once the appointment is confirmed, the employee will be asked to e-mail a few pictures of themselves working within their environment.  The Ergonomic Evaluator will ask questions that will enable them to understand the employee’s current workstation, identify potential risks, and understand any discomfort and postural habits.

During the assessment, we ask that the employee has a tape measure, available as often we will need measurements of the height of the desk, seated elbow height and other measurements that make our recommendations most effective.

Virtual Ergonomic Evaluation Report with Recommendations

After the ergonomic assessment is completed, the ergo evaluator will complete a report that summarizes the risk factors identified, the suggested modifications with existing equipment and provide postural recommendations.

Ergonomic Assessment Tips

Preparation for an ergonomic office evaluations over the telephone/videoconference is quick and easy, but very helpful.

  • Have a tape measure available during the call.
  • Measure the height of the desk (if not adjustable) and the width.
  • Have someone else take 2-3 pictures of you working as you normally would.
  • Make a note of any discomfort that you are experiencing.
  • Photos are optional but very helpful
  • Video of the workstation is optional, but should be under 1 minute