CIRA’s experienced staff is available to members as a consultant and resource specialist in areas such as:

  • Litigation Management
  • Proactive Incident and Claim Resolution
  • Representation at Mediation and Settlement Conferences
  • Preserving Governmental Immunities
  • Specialist and Resource Referrals
  • Legislative and Regulatory Compliance
  • Contractual Risk Transfer
  • Liebert, Cassidy, Whitmore (“LCW”) Consortium


Our Employment Practices Liability pool, ERMA, regularly offers live regional training throughout the state. Training topics include: Sexual Harassment; Managing, Counseling, and Disciplining Employees; Accommodating Disabled Employees; Social Media; and Free Speech and the Public-Sector Workplace. Please refer to the ERMA website to find a training near you!

ERMA Attorney Hotline

Members have access to free legal consultation through ERMA with either Jackson Lewis or Liebert Cassidy Whitmore via the attorney hotline. The purpose is to provide upper-level management an opportunity to ask questions and receive professional consultation regarding labor and employment law related issues. Hotline questions should be routine questions regarding terminations, leaves of absence, harassment allegations, etc. Questions are restricted to the issues and areas of law that could become covered occurrences under the ERMA Memorandum of Coverage (MOC). Each member is eligible to receive one hour of free legal advice per month through ERMA.  The attorney will inform the caller if the subject of a call is not covered by the service. The firms will not provide policy or handbook reviews, conduct legal research of more than a simple question, or write letters of opinion as part of the service. Both Jackson Lewis and LCW provide personnel policy review and updates for a pre-set fee under ERMA. Grant funds may be used for updates and policy review/revisions.

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Employment Relations Consortium (ERC)

The ERC is comprised of local agencies, school, and community college districts joined together to secure quality employment relations services. This includes training and workshops, monthly newsletters, and unlimited telephone consultation with a labor attorney. CIRA purchases this service for it members. Please contact (310) 981-2000 or


in2vate, our training partner through ERMA,  offers online modules on Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (AB1825 compliant) and Ethics Training (AB1234 compliant). In addition, a suite of modules is available related to human resources/supervisory training including Interviewing Strategies, Personnel Files, Sensitivity Basics, and Workplace Investigations. Access online training by visiting A username and password are required. If you have misplaced your username and password, please follow the instructions on in2vate’s home page.