Rent a Risk Manager Program

As part of the CIRA Rent a Risk Manager Program, each member will be provided a minimum of four days of dedicated onsite service annually, with larger members receiving up to eight days.  The initial site visit will include a loss analysis and a comprehensive risk assessment.   The risk assessment is intended to evaluate your operations for general liability and workers’ compensation exposures, your City’s compliance with state and federal regulations, and adherence to industry best practices.    The assessment is also designed to identify potential exposures, to provide recommendations to correct/mitigate those hazards, and to improve current practices and/or policies to better manage risks.  Subsequent visits will be dedicated to addressing the findings from the risk assessment and assisting member in implementing the suggested recommendations, as well as providing other services in consultation with the member such as:

  • Employee safety training
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Safety inspections
  • Safety and Risk Control Program development
  • Implementation of online training
  • Implementation of online safety inspection platform
  • Contract reviews

On average, the risk assessment will require two days to complete and will include reviewing risk program policies/procedures, meetings with department heads, and inspecting city facilities.  The attached document provides an outline of the programs to be reviewed.

As part of the Rent a Risk Manager program, CIRA has contracted with Boretti, Inc., an EHS consulting firm with over 30 years of risk and safety consulting experience.  Rollie Cochran is our assigned risk control consultant and will be assisting me as part of the Rent a Risk Manager program.  Over the next several weeks, Rollie and I will be reaching out to you to start scheduling your risk assessments.

We are excited to introduce this new program to CIRA and look forward to visiting your city.

If you have any questions about the program or want us to schedule your city sooner, feel free to call me at 916-926-2842 or


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