If You Have A Vehicle Accident:

Vehicle Liability Coverage

Under California Vehicle Code §16051, the State of California requires that evidence of coverage is to be maintained with each vehicle at all times. As a member of CIRA, our members are considered self-insured for auto accidents, a traditional insurance card is not provided.

What to do at the scene

Accidents often involve third parties, who may be injured or have property damage. The involved persons should be advised of the normal procedures for submitting a claim to the entity. To assist employees at the scene of an accident, CIRA developed the Vehicle Accident Kit, which includes: instructions for the employee; vehicle identification card; accident report form; and witness cards. Members should maintain a Vehicle Accident Kit in every vehicle. For Immediate assistance, call (800) 400-2642 

If you are injured:

  • Get medical attention.
  • Contact your agency and report it to your supervisor.
  • Contact LWP / CIRA for assistance.