Program Funding Policies

Liability and Workers Compensation Program Funding Policies – Policies outline the funding requirements for the self-insured programs including: prospective funding confidence level, minimum overall confidence level, target equity, rate stabilization, equity distribution, and financial benchmarks.

SIR Adjustment Policies – Every three years CIRA reviews the appropriateness of each members’ SIR based on several evaluation points.

Compensation Policies        

In compliance with California Government Code §12463 and the Public Employees Retirement Law (PERL) Chapter 570.5, CIRA’s salary schedule for the current fiscal year is provided below. The schedule includes all approved positions (filled and unfilled), which enables CIRA the flexibility to meet changing operational requirements. The below schedule is also available at the CIRA offices:

Additional information regarding total compensation for California public agencies can be found on the State Controller’s website: 


The Treasurer’s Report includes a detailed transaction listing from our investment advisor in addition to the statements from financial institutions and the California Asset Management Program (CAMP).